cf DeMoNHuntS: I'm a DeMoN Hunt **Stores**

I'm a DeMoN Hunt **Stores**

Here you have a previous list incluiding the amazing stores that have joined us. Please skip that store that still doesnt have a hint, they are still working to be ready asap.  I will keep you informed in our SL group.

You have to find a lil red demon head, it cost 1L.  You have from now till 13th July to hunt this amazings prizes.

If you need something please dont hesitate contact me inworld, facebook or sending a mail to

**Our Lovely Sponsors**

Lone Wolf Studios  General
Hint: Not on my watch

Demotik  Moderate
Hint: hint board in store

Hint: area girls I am behind...

B!ASTA Moderate Bay/168/108/2125
Hint:  Please use the in-store hint giver that's located in front of the reception desk!

.:: Pink Sugah::.  Moderate
Hint: "You've been BUSTed"

Glitzz  Moderate
Hint: "I'm made of shell!

Hint: There is always new stuff on the stairs

Ravnous  Moderate
Hint: Take a chair...or at least a letter!

Bad Apple Designs  Adult
Hint: Pretty bird!

Asteria Creations  Moderate
Hint: Please check the new ones

**Our Lovely Designers**

Imagine Flower and Gardens  Moderate
Hint: In the center of the pavillion.

~Karababy~  Moderate
Hint: To find me would be the sweetest thing.

***baci village***  Moderate
Hint: <pink demons seduce with leather and laces>

{.::Gala Fashion Designs::.}  Adult
Hint: I love my animal pillow"

Steaming Ahead  Moderate
Hint: I can see demons even when they are far away

Goddess Couture  Moderate
Hint: Make a splash

Dark.lotus  Moderate
Hint: I'm Watching You!

Slutwear by Lexi  Adult
Hint: Hanging out in the mists

~Shadow Moon~  Moderate
Hint: I'm a bit Naughty - are you?

Nightmare Designs  Moderate
Hint: Be gone demon!

OMG! Inc  Moderate
Hint: Come party with me.

OPAL  Moderate
Hint: This gold frame makes me look demonic!

Kats Desire  Moderate
Hint: if you sit near me ull see me in a holder

.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop  Moderate
Hint: Kamila can be Wicked!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop  Moderate
Hint:  I'm in front of the sign-hunt, on the bench next to the African baskets

Perch  Moderate
Hint: Phew, boy it's hot in here! Glad there is a fan!

blah.BLAH.blah  Moderate
Hint: I am nothing but a pussy cat

[[[[NOISE]]]]  Moderate
Hint: take a ride with me

LnL Square  Moderate
Hint: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt poster to received an updated hint!

[::JessyDreams::] Moderate
Hint: my LOVE is FUN because he made me SMILE

[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] Moderate
Hint: The cage that is my mind

Hint: Jump into the... Fire!

/Dark Matter/  Moderate
Hint: Like most deoms, I like to hang out with the people with horns :D

Bailey's Bare Essencial's  Moderate
Hint: Is that Greek?

The Phoenix Collection  Moderate
Hint: What does your heart Desire?

P.S. I Love You  Moderate
Hint: What has a ring,but no finger?

[AsYLUM]  Adult
Hint: love the bass here

Hint: You like Comics?

[ free bird ]  Moderate
Hint: Time to race some cars!

Saba`s Fashion  Moderate
Hint: wow!!!!!

.BG. Minimarket  Moderate
Hint: There are a lot of corners.

Holli Pocket  Moderate
Hint: Normally the devil isn't lurking above

.:Fujiwara's World:.  Moderate
Hint: Look up, on the light!

Loordes of London  Moderate
Hint: by the back door

Brandi's Intimates  Moderate
Hint: Be a Head

Porcelain Decay  Moderate
Hint: black smells the best

GOTHICA ART&DESIGNS  Moderate Gothika Art & Design
Hint: nom nom nom

Aly's Shop  Moderate
Hint: Look for Caitlin ;)

Pattie's Passion  Adult
Hint: Lazy potatoes

Aniri's Boutique  Moderate
Hint: Lots of flowers, I wonder wich one is mine.

::M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.::  Moderate
Hint: sometimes devil in our clothes

-Dotties-  Moderate
Hint: Clutches all over

.:[NMD]:.  Moderate
Hint: We love our mesh...

FashionNatic  Moderate
Hint: What Shirt ?

Tameless  General
Hint: Feeling Lucky?

X-Clusives Animations  Adult
Hint: This is not an exercise in frustration,
All you have to do is find some MASTERBATION.
Don't stand around talkin'

Deceitful Innocence  Moderate
Hint:  I <3 Panda's

Busty Boutique  Moderate
Hint: The gacha and MM board I am a lucky Demon

AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS  Moderate
Hint: Men Gift: Shirts & T-Shirts are my things!!
Women Gift: Summer is here so lets get summer clothes!!

{Fe Style}  Moderate
Hint: Frame...

Uni-qu3  Adult
Hint: into dark and light.....behind scene!

Styled by Panda  Adult
Hint: I may have gotten a bit Tripped Up trying to find this one...

IHAN SAMA  General
Hint: Man its hot

Dahllywood  Moderate
Hint: Is that a demon in my family?

[QE] Designs  Moderate
Hint: I used to make these all the time when I was a kid.

insanity's own  Moderate
Hint: (male hint) Some hide in closets some hide under the....
(female hint) Can you spot me in the mist?

Twinkle&Dazzle  Adult
Hint: Sneakers!!!!

MIRUS Designs  Moderate
Hint: Nautical

Braham Designs  Moderate
Hint: About our Store befitting boots on your feet when you enter the door navigate around the..thanks :)

DiGi-Cyberpunk Fashion  Moderate
Hint: "I always choose Heads when flipping a coin; it's such a Classic."

Global Nomads  General
Hint: Hope no one can see me up here

Wicked  General
Hint: Sitting next to the Angel Tshirt is where you can find me

Scelsion  Moderate
Hint:  Where the moon shines lighter..

~*~Dre@ms~*~*~ with Danni  Moderate
Hint: the hud holds the answer

*HelloMyDeer*  Moderate
Hint: Behint the picture!

Sugar & Cyanide  Moderate
Hint: Oooo.... Shews!!

Que Bella!  Moderate
Hint:  I don't think you are ready for this jelly!! Too Bootylicious!

Angelic Seductions  Adult
Hint: Magick is so Beautiful...

Geek Chic Creations  Moderate
Hint: Yes, i'd like some treats!

Kandy Tattoos  Moderate
Hint: happy

VerseEye  Moderate
Hint: Where the flowers grow.

NS2C  Moderate
Hint: at Midnigth they give Evil prizes

Starsong Creations  Moderate
Hint: Your Hot head reminds me of Home >8)

Asahi Designs  Moderate
Hint: You're going to need a bigger one with all that stuff you have.

}}}Miray Stile{{{  Moderate
Hint: Big or small , girl can put in there the whole universe!

.:LIKE DESIGNS:. Moderate
Hint: Enterance

.:Stone Misery:.  Prefabs and Furniture  Adult
Hint: Spank me!

Lvs&co  Adult
Hint: Even Demon's need to be perky,Pour yourself a cup of coffee and have
a treat!

AyA Designs  Moderate
Hint: We want you to join the Army

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