cf DeMoNHuntS: Sure your mum doesn't like this... **Stores**

Sure your mum doesn't like this... **Stores**

Hi there, here you have a  list incluiding all the awesome designers that have join us.  Click on the SLURL to get a taxi to visit them. You can find here the hints and pics too.  Remember they are waiting for you with a special prize hidden and a lots of new releases, gifts and why not? some surprises.
This time we have 9 amazing sponsors that have worked hard to give you a super prize, take your time to visit them.
As always you have to find a lil red demon head, its a 1L hunt and you have since 20th april to enjoy this spectacular hunt.  Hurry becouse we are 103 designers!!

If you need some help dont hesitate contact me please.
See you hunting!!

Circe Draegonne.

Welcome Center:

*Our lovely sponsors*

1.- LC Designs  Moderate
RL problems makes that the designer have to dropp the hunt.

2.- RD Style Moderate
Hint: Do not stay too long in the PC

3.- Twinkle and Dazzle Adult
Hint: So sheer......So white

4.- Shey Moderate  NOT READY YET

5.- The Bohemian Underground  Moderate
Hint: Let Japanese lanterns guide your search

6.- Baby Girl Inc.  Moderate
Hint: Need a redelivery?

7.- <purrrfet> Moderate
Hint: No Hint

8.- Lone Wolf Studio General
Hint: Gatcha Chewing to find this!

9.- [RedLine] Moderate
Hint: Shhhhh...  This is my Secret...

*Our lovely Designers*

10.- bacidalucia village  Moderate
Hint: if you are in the mood, please, fill your heart with a chocolate!

11.- Dahllywood  Moderate
Hint: Scary things lurk under the stairs.

12.- ZEITGEIST  Moderate
Hint: Oh i can see the water from here :D

13.- Brii Underground Wear Moderate
Hint: ""My magazines are always out of place!""

14.- Slutwear by Lexi  Adult
Hint: No Hint

15.- {REVERIE} Moderate  SKIP IT

16.- Resplendent Rose Moderate
Hint: Near the South Door on the Lower Level

17.- Karma's Kreations Moderate
Hint: Multi hint giver located at store entrance

18.- The Phoenix Collection  Moderate
Hint: Who doesn't like a sale!

19.- Steaming Ahead Moderate
Hint: Wow it is a long way down

20.- LUSTY'S  Adult
Hint: Between Master and Slave....

21.- The Happy Hat Moderate
Hint: The Hunt Hints will tell of the place I love so well.

22.- AlterEgo Moderate
Hint: Nice kitty kitty ...

23.- Holli Pocket  Moderate
Hint: Swirly & Pink!

24.- Syled by Panda Adult
Hint: Hey! What are you doing way down there? And why am I up so high?!

25.- Glitzz  Moderate
Hint: "I hid behind the bed so anyone to see me!"

26.- Tameless  General
Hint: Try something new!

27.- DemotiK Moderate
Hint: where a loved one rests.

28.- .love.Shapes  Moderate
Hint: Dustbunnies love me

29.- -|D.l.Z|- Moderate
Hint: Society has issues

30.- .:Like Designs:. Moderate
Hint: Watch out the stairs!

31.- .:Like Sales Room:. Moderate

32.- PA DESIGNS Moderate
Hint: Look for Panthers

33.-insanity's own Moderate
Hint: Don't tell mom the babysitters dead...

34.- Rwitzed &Reckles Moderate NOT READY YET

35.- Punk me Hard Moderate   *****EJECTED*****

36.- Kabuki Creations Moderate
Hint: I love laying here just Looking At You

37.- Brandi's Intimates Moderate  **RL PROBLEMS SKIP IT**

38.- MISS JEWELL Moderate
Hint: Franchising is a good business for... gift!

39.- KaraBaby Adult
Hint: Do you feel a draft?

40.- Nightmare Designs Moderate
Hint: OMG now thats an exposed dress!

41.- IHAN SAMA  General
Hint: best things in life are free

42.- MIRUS Designs  Moderate
Hint: Tears

43.- P.S. I love you Moderate
Hint: "They build huts, taverns, snowmen and scarecrows by hand"

44.- /Dark Matter/ Moderate
Hint: The little devil likes to hang out with the femmeboys...cause they're traps!

45.- Goth1c1 Moderate
Hint: With my demon eye, i spy you from this japanese beauty

46.- Kharanee's Clothing Moderate
Hint: Up!

47.- Serendipity Designs  Moderate
Hint: You can have a basket of fun with this gift

48.- {.::GalaFashionDesign::.} Adult
Hint: Yes! This is my "GLASSES" collection.

49.- {Bellies} Moderate
Hint: I'm waiting outside for you

50.- .:Fujiwara's World:. Moderate
Hint: I'll Dance all the night!

51.- No Salvations Designs -Gothic Fashion & Decor- Adult  NOT READY YET

52.- Opal Moderate
Hint: Hiding on top of Liquid mesh.

53.- FashionNatic Moderate
Hint: Mirror mirror on the wall

54.- LnL Square  Moderate
Hint: Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to get an updated hint!

55.- Busty Boutique  Moderate
Hint: All the way over here in that corner? Don't forget me

56.-{ZINAS} Moderate
Hint: Where is the Help around Here??????

57.- FLG Store Adult
Hint: Your mother told you and this scout girl to turn off that light  ...

58.- Modas Second Moderate
Hint: clue: the flowers there's much to admire

59.- Saba`s Fashion Moderate
Bitch Tail Mesh (113, 60, 23)
Hint: Up the stairs to find that "I'm Sexy and I Know it"

60.- Vip's Creations  Moderate
Hint: This is very Toxic Love!!!But you can wear it!!!

61.- X-clusives Animations Adult
Hint: You've landed at X-Clusives, it's a really big store.
Rooms, MM Boards, poses and more.
Don't worry, don't pull out your hair,
Just have a seat in the BALI COUPLE'S CHAIR.

62.- CuteBombs Designs! Moderate
CuteBomb Designs, Twisted Fate (155, 196, 26)
Hint: Looks like a good place to sit

63.- *Whisful Thinking*  Moderate
Hint: It's bright and colorful here

64.- -Mesh Glam- Moderate
Hint: This Demon is up on all the latest technology

65.- Tantalum Moderate
Hint: I can't take it anymore, you're making me cry (Runs & Hides in the corner).

66.- PeKaS Designs Moderate
Hint: the suscribomatic is a good option when you dont have anymore free groups

67.- stelloane Adult
Hint: red head loves red shoes^^

68.- Loordes of London Moderate
Hint: Sales Room!

69.- .BG. Minimarket Moderate
Hint: Not based on a railing !!

70.- Pinup Girls of SL Moderate
Hint: you will find me beside a crazy Bish

71.- irrISIStible Shop  Adult
Hint: rabbits are dark :o ? really ?

72.- NR Designs Moderate
Business District Kilo (23,95,23)
Hint: Movie Time

73.- Prometheus' Fire Arts Adult
Hint: Im sure my mum doesn't want me making out with this girl on the red couch, but I really don't care.

74.- Dondi's Doodads Moderate
Hint: Please see the hint giver

75.- Sheik Bags  General
Hint: no i did not sweep it under the rug :)

76.- MC Fashion Moderate NOT READY YET

77.- Blessed Designs  Moderate
Hint: I prefer Red

78.- Asahi Designs Moderate
Hint: You sit on it, but you can't take it with you.

79.- [SLGROWN] Moderate
Hint: Be cool and wear a beanie.

80.- :.::Hot Stuff::.: Moderate
Hint: Between numbers

81.- [free bird] Adult
Hint: Let's go on a trek in our new boots

82.- Jacked Adult
Hint: It's not a rabbit inside this top hat, it's a DeMoN!

83.- Voodoo Dollz Moderate
Hint: Just relax and have a sexy view

84.- Kandy Tattoos Moderate
Hint: Open my Lips

85.- !Beautiful Dangerous! Moderate
Hint: Don't Be Such A "Tease"!

86.- SWIVEL! Moderate
Hint: I'll hide near these falling flowers.

87.- Goddess Couture  Moderate

88.- Starsong Creations Moderate
Hint: Im just HANGING around for the Birthday cake.

89.- Aly's Shop Moderate
Hint: Find a ring among items!

90.- Bubble Gum Moderate
Hint: Pretty kitty

91.- .:TAOX:. Moderate
Hint: Looking me in a corner of girls !

92.- PB Designs Moderate
Hint: Lucky is the name of the game.

93.- Vero Modero General
Hint: Ur mum neer want to see u in sexy corsets

94.- Nefeli's Gesture Moderate
Hint: Hearts!

95.- .:[NMD]:. Moderate
Hint: Birds are chirping

96.- Dark.Lotus Moderate
Hint: I love horror movies

97.- Chained Heat Adult
Hint: Don't go left. Don't go right. Don't go down. Your mum never told you that LUST was RED hot. Here you will find your prize!

98.- [QE] Designs Moderate
Hint: They're not just for kids yanno ;p

99.- {Fe Style} Moderate
Hint: frame

100.- Shadowhawk Designs Moderate
Hint: You might get lucky.

101.- .EMBW.  skin&make up Moderate
Hint: I like to collect skulls, especially the odd one.

102.- .EMBW. Original Mesh Moderate
Hint: We quietly creep into the secret garden where is full of creepy flowers

103.- DEADPOOL Fashion Moderate
Hint: Beauty tucked behind Books.

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