cf DeMoNHuntS: The Voodoo Hunt Stores

The Voodoo Hunt Stores

Here you have a previous list of the designers that have joined us.  Just click on the LM to TP. This time we have 9 awesome sponsors that sure will do theirs best to give you an amazing prize. Dont forget visit all the stores becouse all them have group gifts, MM, lucky chairs and new release for your avies.

Welcome Center&[DeMoN] Outlet:

*Our awesome sponsor*

1.- FashionNatic  Moderate
Hint: What 's New?

2.- Resplendent Rose Moderate
Hint: Hiding beneath the Full-Perm Roof upstairs.

3.- MC Fashion Moderate
Hint:  Urban is my style .

4.- {REVERIE} Moderate
Hint: When life gives you lemons

5.- The Phoenix Collection Moderate
Hint: Find me somewhere between the Holly Divine.

6.- .::Pink Sugar::. Moderate
Hint: I've got a sinking feeling

7.- **Brii Underground Wear** Moderate
Hint: *Voodoo Ladies Loves Jazz*

8.- Ayva's Attic  Moderate
Hint: so many groups, so little room!

9.- :.::Hot Stuff::.:  Moderate
Hint:  wow nice view

*Our awesome designers*

10.- Vips Creations Moderate
Hint: I am your present come and unwrap me

11.- Holli Pocket Moderate
Hint: You'll find me where the transfer goodies can be played at!

12.- LNL Square  Moderate
Hint: Your Little Demon is looking for Tshirts!

13.- Bubble Gum  Moderate
Hint:  I'm the black part of the light

14.- MISS JEWELL  Moderate
Hint: I love gift voucher!  

15.- LC DESIGNS  Moderate

16.- *AmAzInNgN CrEaTiOnS*  Moderate
Hint: Did you say jackets? i am crazy over them i cannot stop buying them

17.- *Dreams and Goals*  Adult
Hint: Take the genie out of the jar!

18.- Busty Boutique Moderate
Hint: The MM board holds me up

19.- Bacidalucia Village  Moderate
Hint: "look under the insane tree "

20.-The Happy Hat  General
Hint: The Hunt Hints will state of where I have met my fate.

21.- LUSTY'S Adult
Hint: Failed delivery is such a pain. 

22.- DemotiK Moderate
Hint: the arcane facinates me.

23.- RD Style Moderate
Hint: I'm tired, I'll sit

24.- K-Pie Designs  Adult
Hint: It hides like a little kid..

25.- Nefeli's Gestures Moderate
Hint: Join!

26.- ~Mesh Glam~ Moderate
Hint: The demon inside wants to be a jukebox hero

27.- Dahllywood Moderate
Hint: I can just picture where that little demon is hiding.

28.- DiGi - Cyberpunk Fashion & Innovations Moderate
Hint: Butterflies and flowers sing to me as if I were the Big, Pink Rose.

29.- Saba's Fashions Moderate
Hint: No one puts baby in the corner

30.- Insanity's Own Moderate
Hint: yea, i found a con fee place to hide. I hope they dont sit on it.

31.- Twinkle & Dazzle Adult
Hint: This ain't's hot!!

32.- Asteria Creations Moderate
Hint: Are you ready to welcome spring?

33.- Shey Moderate
Hint: Look at NEW RELEASES part. I am in E.

34.- * GOTHIC'S MUSING * Moderate
Hint: Rest in peace...

35.- Fi's Creations Moderate
Hint: 55!

36.- Styled by Panda Adult
Hint: Ooops! What pretty shades of blue!

37.- Opal Moderate
Hint: I can see the Rhombus collection from up here

38.- AVRO WIngs Moderate
Hint: Birds rest on me.

39.- {ZINAS} Moderate
Hint: Aww Sookie Now!

[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] Moderate
Hint: The Voodoo Doll will show you the way!

41.- Starsong Creations Moderate
Hint: What is that Vase made of?

The Bohemian Underground Moderate
Hint: Dancer on the Breeze

RED LINE Moderate
Hint: You are invited to visit my store.

Global Nomads Moderate
Hint: Don't you need one of these to cast a spell?

45.- valentina907 Adult  **SKIP IT**

46.- PB Designs Moderate
Hint: Voodoo is the hunt. Think of other supernatural words.

Bayview Market Moderate
Hint:  Is that a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal?

Brandi's Intimates Moderate
Hint: Your head completes me

49.- P.S I Love You Moderate
Hint: They build huts, taverns, snowmen and scarecrows by hand

50.- Prometheus' Fire Adult
Hint: Where to look for a Voddoo Demon Head? Why in front of the mother superior of course!

51.- Glitzz Moderate
Hint: I like to illuminate!

52.- The Artist's Loft Moderate
Hint: Whe the time is right, you will find me

53.- Aericas Boutique Moderate

54.- Steaming Ahead Moderate
Hint: mmmm this does not look like a Voodoo bath?

56.- Stitches Creations Moderate
Hint: I ain't agraid of no ghost!

57.- ZEITGEIST Moderate
Hint: Cute 'lil' Bunny!!

58.- Pixie Productions Moderate
Hint: You'll find me near a new beginning

59.- Drop Dead Gorgeous Moderate
Hint: I lay among the blossoms

60.- irrISIStible shop Adult
Hint: lick me.. and like ma again :o (look in women section)

61.- ::STUDIO:: Moderate

62.- .: LIKE DESIGN :.
Hint: Under stairs

63.- .: LIKE Sales Room :. Moderate
Hint: arround stairs

64.- Blessed Designs Moderate
Hint: Just hanging around

65.- {D.o.R.k} Moderate
Hint: With a bit of heat love shines

66.- Howling Asylum Moderate
Hint: Male Gift: Woodoo Love is powerful stuff!!
Female Gift; A cleansing works wonders!

67.- Ihan Sama Moderate
Hint: Mmmmm.. food...

68.- ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Moderate
Hint: Down by the swamps you will find a tree
Take the an African ride and 'drive' for free.

69.- Kats Desire Moderate
Hint:  Lets Meditat

70.- SlutWear by Lexi Adult
Hint: Come visit the fountain

71.- Ravnous Moderate
Hint:  Don'te end up at the bottom, you'll get BOARD!

72.- PeKaS Design Moderate
Hint: what does panda eats?

73.- Indigo Oddities General

74.- United InshCon Moderate
Hint: search the Dirty little Secret Tree

75.- Les sucreries de Fairy  Moderate
Hint: You'll find me in mesh outfits area (downstairs women section)

76.- Asahi Designs Moderate
Hint:: You can find me in darkness but never in light. I am present in daytime but absent in night. In the deepest of shadows, I hide in plain sight.  What am I?   Find the answer and claim your prize. 

77.- Lone Wolf Studio General
Hint: Lost an Item bought at our store? This Demon knows how to fix that!

78.- Kabuki Creations Moderate
Hint:  Can you please pass me that Towel?

79.- Arcana Antiques&Oddities Adult
Hint: If you want to find me, climbs up the ladder of knowledge.

80.- Loordes of London  Moderate
Hint: behind the service desk

81.- Baby Girl Inc  Moderate
Hint: "Do you have any REQUESTS?"

82.- CuteBomb Designs  Moderate
Hint: Like us on Facebook

83.- .HolliWeird.  Moderate

84.- -D.L.Z.-  Moderate
Hint: !Bang! !Bang! the sheriff shot me down

85.- Punk Me Hard  Moderate

86.- Twisted and Reckless  Moderate
Hint: Take a Step

Hint: What do you see in the window second floor?

88.- Nightmare Designs  Moderate
Mens: Nothing says gothic like chandeliers
Ladies: Death Mother

89.- ~*~Dre@ms with D@nni~*~ Moderate
Hint: The receptionist guards her wares. 

90.- Kharanee's Clothing Adult
Hint: I love water

91.- {.::GalaFashion Designs::.} Adult
Hint: "I have two little mouse friends"

92.- .:Fujiwara's World:. Moderate
Hint: You may try.. and try.. and try..

93.- Skin Station  Moderate

94.- No Salvations Designs~Gothic Fashion and Decor Adult
Hint:  Women to the right and Men to the left...

95.- *Wishful Thinking*  Moderate
Hint: Happy to float here

96.- {Bellies}  Moderate
Hint: Going up? Look down first!

97.- FLG Store Adult
Hint:   "They never pricked a needle in me, but I think it is terrible load this board all day. No puppet deserves to live this way"

98.- DruWear Moderate
Hint: Devil Woman

99.- Lushish Catz Moderate
Hint:  Good LUCK!

100.- Goddess Couture Moderate
Hint: Not all dolls go in a "BOX"

101.- NR Designs Moderate
Hint: Movie Time

102.- Pinup Girls of SL Moderate
Hint: You shock my system with the voodoo you do so well

103.- [:: JesyDream ::]  Moderate
Hint: I hide below something wooden

104.- NobuAi Moderate
Hint: So sick of your AN-tics :P 

105.- Tantalum  Moderate
Hint: Quiet as a mouse, I love to be cuddled in a corner away from walking people

106.- S.P.S.  Moderate
Hint:  Check to see if your LUCKY

107.- Jacked  Moderate
Hint: Beneath the red band.

108.- [SLGROW]  Adult
Hint: Legalize Freedom and grab a hoodie from the gacha.

Hint: witches brew